Current Sermon Series

EONS, What Scripture Says about Church Growth

EONS is a six-part series on what Scripture says about church growth. It highlights the Bible's focus on four characteristics of church life:

1. Evangelism: this is the Bible's imperative to proclaim the Good News to the ends of the earth

2. Outreach: While the word outreach is not found in the Bible, the idea of reaching out to others by meeting their physical, social, and spiritual needs certainly is. 

3. Neighboring: Like the word outreach, you won't find the word neighboring in the Bible; yet, God certainly commands his people to love their neighbors as themselves. 

4. Supplication: this focuses on the spiritual discipline of praying for the lost. 

What Is a Healthy Church Member?
We’ve all had physicals at one time or another. After a battery of tests, physicals help indicate how healthy we are.
What if there were a physical that indicated how healthy of a church member you are? What would your results be? What lifestyle changes would you need to make based on the results?
In this series, Providence Baptist Church looks to the Bible to discover what characteristics and habits make for a healthy church member.